Guest Authors

On occasion, VocaWorks publishes content from guest authors. We look for guest authors to be senior professionals in their field and have advanced knowledge of recruitment and hiring issues. We are especially passionate about helping new technology professionals advance their career, and so look for content that will really add value to the conversation.



1. Articles should be between 750-1,200 words
2. Original, non-published content only; 5 days after publication of each piece, contributors may publish anywhere else they wish.
3. Free from commercial intent: Useful, high-quality articles only; not overly marketing a particular product or containing affiliate or paid-for links.
4. Geared toward hiring issues, especially for project-based hiring and specifically for technology; OR geared toward helping people find and develop their careers in technology.
5. For new contributors, we require a minimum of 3 completed articles submitted prior to publication of the first article


If you are interested in contributing, please contact our editorial staff.