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Keep away from common IT job search mistakes

it job oppsGiven the current state of the job market, some IT professionals looking for employment may be at their wit’s end. Even if they tried their hardest, these candidates will find that job searches are never going to be as simple as perusing employment sites and sending out a couple of cover letters. With that said, there are ways to make their quest for employment a little easier by avoiding some common mistakes.
Keeping a narrow focus reports that technology professionals are not doing themselves any favors by applying to any and all open positions that they come across. Some overly anxious job seekers may feel that covering all of their bases will ultimately leave them with more employment options. This, however, is not necessarily the case, and applicants will only end up decreasing their odds of securing an opportunity that will actually pan out.
If tech candidates adopt this attitude, they may find themselves chasing after positions that they don’t really want or that wouldn’t be an adequate fit. By writing up and distributing applications to too broad of an employer pool, IT professionals could be spreading their time and resources too thin, making their submitted materials seem half-baked and misdirected. Not to mention, job seekers without a specific focus may eventually become overwhelmed, losing sight of what they really want to do for work.
For this reason, tech professionals should prevent themselves from becoming confused when it comes to their careers by developing a precise job strategy before they even begin their search. The news source points out that it is so much harder for job seekers to be led astray when they have an exact plan in place. By setting goals and establishing a timeline, IT candidates can better guarantee that they stay on track with their employment efforts. A distinct vision of the kind of employment they will profit from most will give them a focus, driving them forward and reducing the chances of them faltering.
Don’t get too technical
While these strategies can be applied to carrying job searches in general, there are a few lesser known tactics that are specific to those seeking positions related to technology. Even though this may seem counter-intuitive, employment experts advise that IT candidates don’t get too technical when it comes to their interviews, résumés and cover letters.
IT recruiting executive Jack Cullen explained, “while these elements are definitely important to the position, companies hire on cultural fit and the person that’s interviewing you needs to really get a sense of your personality in a short period of time,” in an interview with
If a candidate is applying to a tech position, it pretty much goes without saying that they are going to need some sort of IT background. Whether it be from education or experience, a pool of prospective employees are likely to have similar technical skills. In light of this fact, job seekers should not overplay their IT capabilities, emphasizing instead the talents that set them apart from the rest of the pack. These could range anywhere from business know-how to creative competencies.
This concept extends to IT professionals’ résumés. Tech candidates may be tempted to pad up their CVs with intricate details about their special skills. However, this practice could backfire on them, and employers may just glaze over their applications.
“Resumes are typically longer for IT candidates, but anything exceeding three pages can wear out even the most patient recruiter. If you struggle to fit your experience into two-three pages, consider looking at resume samples or working with a professional writer to trim your narrative for readability,” stated resume strategist Laura Smith-Proulx, according to the news source.
Tidy up online profiles prior to recruiter viewing
While presenting a tidy application package to potential employers may be the focus of most IT professionals, they should not forget to neaten up their online images. According to Forbes, most job seekers do not take their digital trail into consideration when they are applying for positions. Despite a general consensus that deems it critical to keep a clean Internet presence, a fair amount of applicants do not take it seriously.
Failing to take the measures needed to prevent any incriminating online information ending up in the hands of employers can cost IT professionals a job – or even an interview. The news source explains that it is now common practice for tech recruiters to look into a prospective employee before they even extend them an invitation to speak with them. Because of this, job seekers should anticipate a thorough investigation on the part of possible employers. To avoid any issues, they should make moves to overhaul all of their Internet profiles before they even click the “send” button for any application.

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