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Robotic Developments Pose Possible IT Troubles

Robots Typing on ComputersSome chief information officers may currently feel as if they had enough on their plate. With the anticipated emergence of some remarkable innovations over the course of 2014, these information technology executives may want to prepare themselves for the possibility of their jobs becoming even more complicated.
The IT field has been making so many significant strides as of late that some of the solutions being developed may seem as if they were right out of a science fiction novel. Even though these advancements have been made in an effort to increase efficiency and productivity throughout the workforce, there may be an assortment of challenges presented by them that CIOs will have to surpass.
Ring in the new year with robots
As the new year draws nearer with each day, IT professionals await the arrival of some of the most sophisticated developments in the field of robotics. According to InformationWeek, Google has recently decided to dedicate some of its time and energy toward creating revolutionary robots.
So far, this technology giant has already bought out seven companies over the course of the last half-year. By using the resources acquired from these businesses, Google plans to take their advancements in robotics to a whole new level.
The catch is that, although this leading IT pioneer has been making efforts to progress in this upcoming technology trend, their initiatives have yet to be integrated into Google’s mainstream operations. With this robotics side project, the organization expects to overhaul automated processes.
While any robots that Google hopes to make available to the global market are expected to revolutionize the way companies carry out their operations, there are some major concerns for CIOs and their staff members alike.
InformationWeek stated that, as with any other kind of emerging technology, robots are going to require IT executives to work out a share of kinks. There is going to be an assortment of logistics problems that CIOs can anticipate to encounter when it comes to implementing and maintaining androids throughout their operations.
Make these advancements work
In all likelihood, the release of Google’s robots will cause a portion of CIOs to find a way to incorporate these advancements into their functions – whether they like it or not. Computerworld explained that companies’ corporate executives are probably going to opt to adopt them without extensively consulting their IT personnel beforehand.
It is not surprising that businesses would find the promise of having robots complete some of their functions tempting. The sheer novelty of this technological concept is alluring, making it difficult to really blame companies for wanting to invest in robots. However, CIOs are going to be the ones left to sort out all the details and make them work for their organizations.
Among the issues IT executives will have to deal with is robot upkeep. There will inevitably be glitches of some sort with these solutions, which will force Google and other developers to come up with more refined software. Because of this, CIOs can expect to make a continuous effort in updating their robots, adjusting to the latest functions each instance that they do. These developments could present tech professionals with a constant uphill battle when it comes to managing and maintaining these tools.
Not to mention, there are likely problems to arise when it comes to employment, InformationWeek said. Although robots can help companies and their IT departments streamline their staff and cut back on obsolete representatives, a significant decrease in human labor could prove tricky. There could be a number of consequences stemming from a drastic amount of automation used among businesses, potentially hindering everything from communication to employment.
Overcome the obstacles
In light of all of these possible hurdles that could pop up for CIOs, they should have some reservations about jumping on the robotic bandwagon. While these advancements are undoubtedly notable feats within the tech profession, IT executives should be keep a shred of skepticism just as they would with any other kind of solution.
Robots, though having the potential to one day reshape IT and the world as humans know it, should not be viewed as a magical panacea. Instead, CIOs should recognize their promise while still expecting issues to precipitate and devising a way to implement these developments so that they are eventually worth any investment made.

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