Three of NYC’s Tech Thought Leaders worth following

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Thought leadership, as Dorie Clark defines it, is something better than being a celebrity (famous for something in particular) or an expert (famous for what you know).  A thought leader is known for what he/she thinks, and more than ever, thanks to technology, we can have access to these people who challenge the way we […]

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10 Dos for Creating a Mobile App

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We naturally understand that an article of “dos” should accompany some “don’ts” so we have a future companion piece to this article coming soon.  But for now, here are ten things you should keep in mind as you build a successful app and the business that will sustain it. Keep a consistent look and feel […]


9 Tips for Tech Project Success

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Managing tech projects to a successful conclusion takes the best contributions from all the members of the team creating the project, but it also takes an aware and thoughtful project manager to bring that best out of everyone.  In this article we will share some ideas for how to make your next (or current!) tech […]