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What IT Professionals Expect From CES 2014

World ExpoThere is no denying that consumers hold the most sway when it comes to which kinds of technological advancements are developed. As chief information officers work with the funds that they have at the very start of the year, they may want to explore some of the most recent solutions created to make the lives of consumers a little bit easier.
While businesses have grown accustomed to considering their customers and adjusting their operations to accommodate their clients’ needs, they also have to step back so that they can direct their attention to their own demands and see what other IT companies have designed with their organizations in mind. At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, a number of remarkable tools and game-changing gadgets will be introduced to the public. CIOs who want to stay ahead of the innovation curve and ensure that their internal functions are as efficient as possible should take note of any new releases, implementing them throughout their businesses to keep their brands moving forward.
What’s in store for 2014?
Professionals throughout the IT industry have been gearing up for this expo, making various predictions about the tools that are likely to surface during 2014’s show. Time Magazine discussed some of the expectations surrounding the solutions to be showcased during the coming CES. While some of these anticipated tools will probably benefit the general public, there are several ones that could specifically help tech departments and their companies take their operations to a whole new level.
For example, CIOs may want to consider the way in which their business representatives are making presentations – whether they be to staff members or to clients. More frequently, corporations are using sophisticated computer programs to put together flashy, engaging demonstrations. After investing all of this effort in creating these presentations, CIOs and other business executives do not want to have the effects fall short because their finished products are shown on outdated machinery.
IT prices to go down
A rising number of organizations have been contemplating employing 4K computer monitors to guarantee that their presentations make the proper impact that representatives had intended. However, the price tag seems to have held many tech executives back from purchasing these progressive gadgets. At the moment, these monitors can cost companies anywhere from $3,500 to $10,000. As one can imagine, this has been a deterrent  for companies that have been hoping to equip their departments with these visual IT tools.
That said, Time Magazine stated that some believe the CES could be featuring 4K monitors that are just as advanced as ones prior, but cost a great deal less than their predecessors. This means that IT executives could expect being able to purchase these displays for as low as $1,000 at some point during 2014, which would allow them to bring their businesses up a notch without excessive expenses.
Additionally, CIOs could modernize their companies completely by incorporating a 3D printer into their normal functions. While the concept of these innovative printers is not entirely new, the cost and size of these machines have limited IT professionals’ accessibility to them. Tech executives, however, may no longer find that to be the case at 2014’s CES.
3D printers may be more possible
Mashable explained that there have been two major issues that corporations have encountered with the thought of utilizing 3D printers. For starters, these futuristic mechanisms are hardly what some CIOs would consider affordable. Price is not the only factor impeding companies from adopting them, though. The process of actually scanning the item that businesses would like the printer to produce is long, tedious and inefficient.
These obstacles may not be as bad as they have in the past. Time Magazine reported that some models’ prices may drop down to a measly $499, a wise investment for companies that wish to increase their sustainability. It is important for tech professionals to take into account that 3D printers are still in the experimentation and developmental phases, which may make CIOs wait a little while longer. By putting off a purchase like this, IT departments can be sure that they are giving ample time for developers to work out all the kinks, instead of jumping on the bandwagon too early.

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