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Boost Recruitment Success With Latest Innovations

Man reviewing documentIf there is one thing that information technology recruiters know, it’s how to use innovations to track down viable prospects for their employment opportunities. However, there are a number of new advancements that are now influencing the way these tech professionals locate and entice qualified individuals that could make for strong applicants, and anyone wanting to attract the best candidates possible better keep up with these trends.
In the past, significant developments in the IT field have shaped the strategies employed by recruiters. While revolutionary solutions such as the Internet and cellular phones may have caused personnel to shift their tactics decades ago, these tools have made leaps and bounds in recent years, which has prompted many professionals to once again overhaul their means of doing business. With the emergence of smartphones and social media, it is time for recruiters to sprint ahead and acclimate to the changing tides.
According to Recruiting Trends, there are some major components that IT professionals now need to include in their recruitment processes to ensure that they are skimming off only the cream of the crop from the entire applicant pool available to them. Even though individuals working in the tech industry are well aware of all the latest improvements sweeping their field, they may not be sure how to use these cutting edge developments for their own job. Luckily, the source pointed out some solutions that could prove effective in modifying recruitment practices, highlighting exactly where they can be applied.
Appeal to mass of mobile applicants
In all likelihood, HR personnel hoping to pin down tech candidates have heard the saying, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do.” Although cliché, this expression does have a seed of truth, especially when it comes to locating IT talent, and recruiters should try to emulate consumer trends in their efforts to reach out to possible applicants. In today’s world, people are mobile beings. For many individuals across the globe, not a day goes by without them looking at their mobile devices at least once. In fact, recent research carried out by Accenture revealed that 73 percent of men access the Internet with their smartphones on a daily basis, in addition to 66 percent of women.
Because such substantial proportions of consumers readily tap into their mobile devices to do a variety of tasks, recruiters should contemplate how they can get on job seekers’ level and appeal to potential candidates in a mobile manner. Recruiting Trends recommended that HR personnel facilitate in IT professionals’ career search via their smartphones by making their online employment materials mobile ready. By ensuring that everything from their companies’ main website to all their social media pages are equipped to handle mobile navigation on the part of job seekers, recruiters can foster a more enjoyable experience for prospective candidates. This could increase the probability of them following up and actually applying at a later point in time.
Make social media shares more visual
On top of all this, tech recruiters should devise some new methods to help them stand out on social media. Job seekers could be overwhelmed by the incredible presence and activity that most modern businesses now have on these online outlets. For this reason, simply having accounts on various networks and perhaps making the occasional post is not going to get HR professionals very far in terms of attracting talent.
Companies’ recruiters may find that they need to go the extra mile when it comes to establishing a strong and engaging social media experience. While including flashy photos in their posts may produce better results for garnering a bit of attention among users, the most innovative measure that they could take may be as simple as adding some motion.
Recruiterbox explained that several prominent companies, including Google and Apple, have spiced up their social media interactions by producing and publishing recruitment videos. Other IT recruiters can follow these revolutionary corporations’ lead  by releasing their own ads. This strategy may not only draw in more users, but it could also ensure that possible applicants are paying attention to the company messages being conveyed. There are few better ways to let job seekers gain a true sense of a company than by seeing its existing employees in action. Consequently, sharing videos can humanize recruiters, getting users excited about businesses’ missions and tempting talented IT professionals to apply for open positions.

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