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Despite any other economic tribulations that may still be afflicting the global market, the information technology industry continues to be one the strongest sectors in terms of employment growth and opportunity. As a rising number of companies around the world find themselves in need of IT professionals, the demand for skilled workers in this field is expected to climb. However, job seekers hoping to secure employment should not slack off when it comes to their candidacy just because there are so many positions available throughout this sector. Regardless of all the IT vacancies, applicants should still work hard to sell themselves to potential employers and recruiters.
According to InfoWorld, research conducted by a leading IT recruiting firm recently revealed that tech professionals may be luckier than individuals working in other fields. In fact, the study indicated that tech workers are twice as likely to have a job than other professionals. Even though the U.S. national unemployment average dropped to 7.0 percent – an impressive feat seeing as this was a 0.7 percent decrease – the IT sector was far ahead of the curve. The unemployment rate within this industry consistently hovered around 3.5 percent over the course of the year, which shows just how much more favorable the job climate is in this sector compared to that of other market areas. In spite of all the opportunities popping up, individuals looking for positions should nevertheless increase their job search efforts.
Ensure effective employment efforts despite economic factors
In addition to 2013 having been a rather consistent and pleasant year for tech workers, the trajectory for 2014 appears to be relatively fair. That is not to say that the employment situation is not subject to change at the drop of a hat, as in every other sector. In today’s world, sudden and unforeseen events around the world could easily impact the tone of the economic situation throughout any portion of the economy, which means that job seekers should be consistently on their game, prepared to land a job in spite of any occurrences.
As it is, InfoWorld explained that some experts within the tech field anticipate a slight possibility that employment will slow down. If this ends up being the case, IT professionals certainly want to up the ante with regards to how vigilant they are when trying to impress employers. Tech workers considering switching jobs or simply trying to secure some sort of work in general should employ a variety of tactics to ensure that they are appealing to employers throughout this sector.
IT workers must market themselves
Anne Fisher, a contributor for CNNMoney, shed some insight on how tech professionals may be able to attract the attention of recruiters. As with any other aspect of the business world, marketing may be the key to sparking potential employers’ interest, allowing professionals to then woo companies and drive their chances of scoring a position. However, successfully executing self-promotion campaigns may be easier said than done.
“This whole business of marketing yourself and putting your best foot forward really doesn’t come naturally to many IT people,” Colleen Canney, a recruiter for Microsoft, was quoted as saying by Fisher.
Venture outside comfort zone to engage recruiters
Despite having little know-how or perhaps passion for areas like advertising and sales, tech workers should still make a concerted effort to market themselves so that recruiters may be more likely to stumble upon their credentials, which could entice them to chase after these talented professionals. This means that job seekers need to be proactive in contacting possible employers, clearly showcasing all the major accomplishments that set them apart from other applicants.
“Don’t be shy,” advised Kathy Harris, a recruiting expert, according to CNNMoney. “If recruiters aren’t calling you, don’t wait. Reach out to them and talk about your skills and achievements, and what your professional goals are.”
After directly communicating all their accomplishments to recruiters in their resumes and cover letters, IT professionals should ensure that their online presence is strong, reinforcing any credentials that they boast. Employers want to know that candidates’ passion for their work reaches beyond the confines of their offices. If tech workers participate in online forums or social outlets pertaining to their work, they should direct recruiters’ attention to these sites so that they can see applicants’ expertise at work.

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